Professionals at the CAC set in motion a process that will begin the healing for children who have been sexually abused, as well as their family members. The CAC’s scope of services include: forensic interviewing; referral for a specialized medical exam; family advocacy; specialized therapy for children, and; specialized therapy for non-offending family members who have experienced trauma as a result of the abuse. These services are the stepping stones that enable CAC staff and partners to support children and help protect their innocence.

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You and your child will be involved in a unique process that combines the information gathering into one interview, thereby reducing the number of people to whom your child has to tell their story. A specially-trained forensic interviewer will talk to your child in a child-friendly environment. Law enforcement and social service personnel participate in the interview process through closed-circuit television.


Medical Exam Referral

Your child may receive a referral for a medical exam to ensure they are healthy and not at risk of further complications. The medical examiner is specially trained to conduct sexual abuse exams and will determine if there is any evidence of such abuse. The medical examiner is aware of the special needs of children in these circumstances and will provide a safe, secure environment.


Family Advocacy

A family advocate will work with you and your child before, during, and after the interview. They will assist you in obtaining services, provide support, and serve as a link between you and law enforcement and/or social services. The family advocate’s role is to answer any questions you have and provide you with valuable information.


Specialized Therapy

All families who use the CAC will have the opportunity to receive therapy services. Your family advocate will direct you to a therapist within the CAC who specializes in sexual abuse treatment. Services are available for the child, non-offending caregivers, and the child’s siblings. Financial assistance may be available for therapy services.

The Northern Plains Children’s Advocacy Center staff was friendly & helped me be at ease as much as possible.
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